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Welcome to Double Down Radio’s FREE ADS. 

Now bands, artists, performers, service providers, promoters, social groups and just about anyone else with information to share can easily upload that info directly into the Double Down Radio server to be instantly placed into rotation right along side our regular local Las Vegas programming with a worldwide reach.

What makes me happiest about this is the ability to bring up to date calendar information to our loyal listeners. Within seconds the average Joe can record and deliver their personalized and timely message to Double Down Radio’s 24/7 internet stream for all of the listeners to hear. Then, when needed, another message can be added and the old one deleted, or keep both!

This is a VERY customized and personal way to get your information to yet another audience. They will hear your voice as you promote an upcoming event like you might post on Facebook. I look at it like this; Radio is about information. Since DDR can disseminate accurate and timely information all the time our listeners will be the most informed in Las Vegas.

From day one Double Down Radio has been about local Las Vegas and that is why I’m not charging anything to locals. Then you can record and upload as many promos as you’d like.

Imagine listening to the radio and hearing Rusty Maples, Alaska, Peccadilloes, Bobby Meader or Thee Swank Bastards and then Mel’s voice (Cash 4 Chaos) telling you about a sale he is having tomorrow or Cowtown Guitars reminding us of a vintage guitar that just arrived today then back into Black Camaro or Ruckus on the Radio. It’s all Vegas all the time! What a good time, right?

The technology is simple to operate and involves one free app that is available for both iOS and Android.

I can’t tell you how excited I am about this and how cool it will be to have so much up to date information provided directly by those involved. Tell your friends!

Steve “The Producer” Fodor




Steve “The Producer” Fodor







AUDIO RECORDER Instructions for Double Down Radio FREEADS


Download and install Pocket WavePad app for iPhone / iPad or Android


How to record with Pocket WavePad.

  1. Start the Pocket WavePad app and press the RED button to record.
  2. Press stop (square button) when you are finished recording.
  3. Press 'Done' button.
  4. Open audio file for editing or press send button (Blue Arrow at top for Android, Envelope+Mic picture at bottom for iPhone) to upload highlighted file to server.



Audio Settings*

  1. Open the WavePad app

  2. Click on the ‘Settings’ button

  3. Be sure the 'Record' tab is highlighted.(at top on Android, bottom for iProduct)

  4. Tap the Audio Format arrow (>>)

  5. Audio Format:WAV/PCM

  6. Sample rate: 44.1 kHz

  7. Sample size: 16 bits

  8. Click 'OK' on Android / 'Back' on iProduct




FTP Settings (to upload to our server)*

  1. While still in 'Settings'

  2. Tap 'Send' tab (at top on Android, bottom for iProduct)

  3. Go to FTP Settings

  4. FTP Server:

  5. Port: (leave blank)

  6. Username: (your username)**

  7. Password: (your password)**

  8. Put a check in the Remember Password box.

  9. Secure FTP 'Use Standard'

  10. Directory: (not necessary)

  11. Click 'Done' on iProduct / 'OK' on Android


Now you are ready to record you message / promo and upload it to your account where it will be in rotation at





* FTP client software is needed to manage your files (ie: delete your outdated announcements)
** Email us at for you own private account. Until then you can use this account information to get going: Username: freeads, Password: freeads